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We are stronger than the obstacles in our way.

Welcome! My practice is open and I’m currently offering 30 and 50 minute video therapy sessions for parents and families.

Stay safe and healthy.


My Practice

Hi, I’m Dr. Noah Kempler. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in treating families with young children. Typical treatment issues may include: problem behaviors (home or school), anxiety, parenting help, sibling issues, difficulty with social relationships, transitions, impulsivity and power struggles. Developmental issues such as sensory processing, self-regulation, language delay, ADHD, learning challenges, social pragmatics, and issues related to temperament are also addressed. There are several issues that I am not trained to treat. If you’re interested in seeing me, please start by reviewing my Scope of Practice page.

My Process

Typically, I meet with families for weekly or bi-weekly 50-minute in-office visits. For children who are struggling in school, I also interface with teaching staff via phone consultations. My practice focuses on family vs. individual child treatment. This is because parents (and key other adults) are by far the biggest influence on a child’s functioning and so need to be part of the process. In addition, change for children is in large part a reflection of change in parents (i.e. how they respond to the child). For these, and other reasons, therapy is usually conducted with the child and both parents present. Siblings and relevant adults may also be included, as needed. Parent-only sessions may also be scheduled as needed.